A vacation is a time in the year when you get to live like an actual human being, away from the stress of work and your normal routine. Vacationers want serenity, peace and as much luxury as they can afford. That is what you should be looking to offer with your vacation rental.

Most guests expect a basic apartment that is a place to sleep after a long day out. By offering a truly remarkable service, you make them feel as though they won the lottery – and can ensure they will leave you a five-star review. In the long run, all the high reviews will pay off as you can slowly increase your prices.

Here are five things you need to make your vacation rental memorable:

Free Branded WiFi

Every vacation rental manager knows that free and fast WiFi is a must-have for every rental, but did you know that there is a way to go above and beyond this standard amenity? A new company, StayFi, offers software that lets you set up a branded WiFi portal that guests use to log on the internet when they get to your rental unit.

Beyond just making sure every guest is aware of your brand regardless of where they booked, StayFi also enables you to collect your guests’ names and emails for re-marketing purposes. That means that next time you get a booking for eight people from HomeAway, you will be able to re-market to all eight guests directly after they leave your property.

Intelligent Climate Control

You may not be able to control the weather, but you certainly should be able to offer climate control in your vacation rental. Investing in a smart-device like a Nest Thermostat means you have remote control over the air conditioning and heating at all times. In addition, Nest reports that their products save the average home $131 – $145 in energy costs per year.

Ensuring you have adequate climate control also prevents bad reviews from guests who are miserable in the heat or cold during their stay. Make sure to invest in adequate equipment to maintain a comfortable temperature for the climate you operate in.

Premium Bedding

Oddly enough, for many travelers, a comfortable bed can be the most important part of the travel experience. At the end of a long day of sightseeing, shopping, going to the beach or even just watching Netflix, every guest should be treated to a comfortable bed with premium bedding. After all, a holiday is not a holiday if you can’t get a good night’s sleep.

Nest Bedding is an affordable luxury brand that produces all of their bedding in their own factory in the United States. With natural bamboo and luxury Egyption cotton options, Nest Bedding has a full range of mattresses, sheets, pillows, and more for you to fully stock out your rental with top-quality gear.

Nest Bedding Logo

Ensure that when your guests arrive, they have plumped-up pillows, thick duvets or blankets, a cover cloth and throw pillows. Always have extra sheet sets on hand for guests so they can replace them at any point during their stay

Keyless Entry – 24hr Check-in

By offering 24-hour keyless check-in, you have made both the lives of your guests and staff better. No need to meet guests when they arrive at your property and your guests don’t need to worry about arriving at a certain time of day.

There are many options for keyless entry to choose from, ranging from an inexpensive lock-box (still with a key inside) to a cloud-controlled smart-home keyless entry system. Here are different options you can select based on the number of homes you manage and the level of security you want to achieve.

Kidde key portable safe

Kidde 5-Key Pushbox

This key box, at $27.21 at the time of writing, is a secure and inexpensive way to secure keys at your rental property. Manually changing the code is a hassle but is adequate for smaller rental managers.

Schlage Smart Door Lock

This smart door lock is Z-Wave enabled, meaning it is set up for remote management. At around $270, it definitely a more serious investment, but will enable your business to manage all your locks remotely.

RemoteLock Cloud

Edge State By RemoteLock takes WiFi-enabled locks to the next level. By integrating locks with a cloud management system that works with Airbnb, HomeAway and other booking platforms, Remote Locks provide maximum security and ease of use.

Providing keyless entry also gives vacationers peace of mind, knowing they can’t misplace the house keys. Also, large groups of travelers don’t need to worry about coming home and not having the key with them to get it. Both your team and your guests will be thankful you implement this feature into your homes.

Toiletries and basic amenities

There are some things guests should not have to buy when they arrive at their dream vacation rental. One of them is toiletries. Every hotel you go to always has towels available, soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and a hair dryer. Why is that? People tend to forget these things, and when you arrive, you shouldn’t have to go straight back out to the nearest convenience store.

A great place to purchase these types of toiletries is from companies that sell primarily to hotel chains like National Hospitality Supply. They can supply every imaginable item you need to stock your homes, and you can get much larger volume discounts when compared to traditional retail outlets.


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