How Vacation Rental Managers Can Start Selling Tours & Activities

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#1 Hospitality Gap: Tours & Activities

In the 2018 Hostfully Hospitality Trends in Vacation Rental Management Report, the top service vacation rentals managers cited that they wanted to offer were tours and activities.

Thankfully, offering tours and activities to your guests is easier than most vacation rental managers realize. Viator, a TripAdvisor Company, offers over 100,000 tours, activities, and attractions across the world. Sending your guests to tours you recommend on Viator is easy, and making money off these bookings is even easier. Viator offers an “affiliate marketing program” that allows you to earn a commission for bookings made from guests you send to Viator’s site.

Viator Affiliate Program

Viator’s affiliate program enables you to collect 4% of the booking value as a commission every time you send a booker to their site and they book. What is great about this program is that it uses a 30-day cookie. That means that if you send someone to the Viator website, you will be credited for any booking that is made within 30 days.

Signing up for Viator’s program is easy. First, create an account on VigLink. VigLink gives you access to 1000s of affiliate programs including Viator’s, but also includes, TripAdvisor, and hundreds of others that you may be able to use to earn additional revenue by recommending products and services to your guests.

Once your account is on VigLink is approved, search for Viator in the Merchants section of the website:

Click on the Build button to create your unique referral link to send to your guests. If you want to link a specific page or tour, take that unique URL on Viator and place it into the build box.

Now that you have your Viator affiliate link ready to go, it is time to start sending it to your guests.

Start Earning Revenue With Viator

Affiliate links work best when you send them within the appropriate context for your guests. For instance, in any material where you recommend local sites and attractions, it would be logical to guests for you to also link to Viator tours and activities. Here are some of the top places you can send affiliate links to get clicks and bookings credited to your account:

  • In automated guest messages sent through your Property Management System before and during their stay.
  • In email communication with your guests before and during their stay.
  • In content or blog posts on your website about the cities you operate in.
  • In a digital house manual or tablet if you have one in your home.

Tip: Because Viator offers a 30-day cookie for their program, try to send these links as early as possible to get credit for any subsequent bookings.


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